Sparkle Clean

Paint Cleaning in a Can


Herkules, the leader in paint gun washers, offers portable paint cleaning with Sparkle Clean. This proven formula removes both waterborne and solvent paint quickly and easily. Available in two aerosol formats, this powerful cleaner will speed paint clean-up.

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    The paint cleaner in an aerosol can, Sparkle Clean is formulated for use with either Solvent or Waterborne paints. Use Sparkle Clean to spot clean spray guns –and other paint equipment –throughout the day. Each 15 ounce aerosol can has two stream options: wide or narrow– enabling users to target a wide area, or focus on narrow chamber, with the flip of the lid.

    Marked for individual sales for retailers as SC01, Sparkle Clean is only available by the 6-can case from Herkules (SC06).


    This product must be shipped UPS Ground.


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    Containing the same highly effective Sparkle Clean formula, but equipped with a special valve for easy attachment to the Herkules G45 FastTrack Paint Gun Washer, BLAST effectively cleans both waterborne and solvent paint — 20 to 30 spray gun cleanings in each 13 ounce aerosol can. Six cans in a case, like all other Herkules products, it is proudly made in the USA.


    This product can only be shipped UPS Ground.